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Advanced IPL

You may never have to wax or shave again with pain free advanced IPL!

Removing and/or shaping hair is a regular part of many people's image maintenance, but all that plucking, threading and waxing can feel like endless busywork and you may not even touch an area that's too sensitive or heard to reach. Thankfully, our advanced IPL machines and permanently and painlessly get rid of those troublesome follicles!

“What is IPL?”

IPL stands for intense pulse light, and is the process of use lasers to pass through the dermis and destroy the cells in their hair root, stumping any more growth. You may have heard of laser hair removal before, and you may have heard that it is painful, potentially damaging or incompatible with your skin type. All of that has changed with our advanced IPL machines which safe, gentle and available to almost any hair or skin type.

Our advanced IPL treatment is pain free, fast and efficient. The energy produced by the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair roots without damaging any of the surrounding skin. During the procedure, the treated area is cleaned, the hairs are shortened to 1-2mm and the skin is marked with a grid. The light-emitting headpiece is moved across the grid until the area is covered, and hundreds of hairs can be treated with a single pulse. When it's all over, your skin is cleaned and rubbed with a special cream.

Permanent Hair Removal

“What results will I see?”

IPL is the most effective long term hair removal treatment currently available, and thanks to our advanced machines patients are more likely than ever to end up with permanently smooth skin, and thanks to the latest “Tan&Safe” technology, dark skin can be treated just as well. As IPL targets the melanin, which is the pigment in hair which gives it its colour, grey hair cannot be treated effectively and very fair hair has a lesser chance of permanent removal.
How long the hairs stay away varies from person to person but IPL always provides fantastic hair removal and there's a high chance you may never have to shave or wax again. It’s the perfect treatment for those who want to be rid of the hassle of maintaining their body and we often see truly life changing results.

“Are there any side effects?”

No! Like all our other treatments here at The Face and Body Clinic, our advanced IPL hair removal is both completely non-invasive and free from negative side effects. Unlike many other IPL solutions, our machines are entirely pain free as well!

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If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of IPL hair removal for yourself, simply call us today on 020 7436 3936. Alternatively, you can also arrange an appointment via our contact form.

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