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Regen Radio Frequency | Skincare Treatment | The Face and Body Clinic | London
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57 Harley Street,
London W1G 8QS

020 7436 3936

Regen Radio Frequency

Keep ageing at bay with revolutionary radio frequency technology!

Are you tired of watching time etch your age into your skin? Sick of the broken promises of over the counter anti-ageing creams? Are you repelled by injections, surgery and harsh chemical treatments? Then we're happy to provide the perfect anti-ageing solution for you: Regen Radio Frequency.

“What is Regen Radio Frequency?”

Regen Radio Frequency is a skincare treatment which uses the energy of radio frequencies to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layers to tighten the underlying tissue without damaging the skin itself. This causes microscopic changes to the collagen in all skin types, stimulating collagen regrowth to create smoother, firmer skin.

The Face and Body Clinic uses the latest TriPollar Radio Frequency machines for the most accurate, painless and efficient radio frequency skincare treatment currently available.

“What results can I expect?”

Almost all clients immediately witness incredible results, with years of ageing appearing reversed in just a single treatment. By stimulating collagen regrowth and shrinking collagen fibres, fine lines and wrinkles look as if they've been wiped away. TriPollar treatments are the ideal solution to enhance your skin’s appearance and rid yourself of the signs of ageing.

With repeated treatments over a full course, even deep lines and wrinkles can be eliminated, and long term collagen regrowth will tighten loose skin to reveal a refined, youthful facial structure. All of this achieved with a treatment that is entirely non-invasive, easily administered and safe.

"As a male dancer and teacher in the wrong side of 40 I noticed that if looking after my body was not a problem, the same could be said about my face. Unfortunately to carry on dancing you often have to compete with people who are half your age!

Plastic surgery is not necessarily the answer. You may want a less invasive approach and a more subtle result! This is exactly what I get through Shenaz's variety of treatments I tried and cannot get enough of it.

Wonderful treatments, amazing results, in a most friendly and relaxing atmosphere Many thanks to Shenaz and her great team! "

Chris Fedorov

 Regen Radio Frequency


“Are there any side effects?”

No! Like all our other treatments here at The Face and Body Clinic, our Regen Radio Frequency treatment is both completely non-invasive and free from negative side effects. Regen Radio Frequency gives you the results you want without taking anything away.

Contact The Face and Body Clinic

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of Regen Radio Frequency for yourself, simply call us today on 020 7436 3936. Alternatively, you can also arrange an appointment via our contact form.

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