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Tighten and Detoxify Your Skin with Revitale

We should all be proud of our skin. Every day it defends our body from the dirt, pollution and toxins of our environment, but over time even the healthiest skin starts to feel worn down. The best way to show your appreciation and restore it to being fighting fit is to use a Revitale facial peel.

Revitale facial peel

“What is a Revitale facial peel?”

Don't let the name confuse you, Revitale is not a chemical peel; rather it is a skin tightening and anti-ageing facial treatment. Like everything else at The Face and Body Clinic, Revitale is a non-chemical treatment which gives fantastic results without taking anything away.

Revitale facial peel works by releasing oxygen deep and directly into the skin while drawing carbon dioxide out into the mask. The process is entirely non-invasive method of increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, promoting lymphatic draining as well as simulating collagen and elastin regrowth – an incredible range of benefits from a single treatment.

“What results can I expect?”

Revitale applies vital nutrients deep into the dermal later, giving you skin which is fresh, vibrant and invigorated. Revitale facial peels restore the health of the skin from damage caused by pollution, the sun or simply age. The result is beautifully exfoliated skin free from dead cells and impurities, with improved skin tone, texture and radiance.

For the best results, treat your skin to a full course of Revitale facial peels, or combine it with our fantastic Light Refinement treatment for a face that looks five years younger.

“Are there any side effects?”

No! Like all our other treatments here at The Face and Body Clinic, our Revitale treatment is both completely non-invasive and free from negative side effects.

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If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of Revitale facial peels for yourself, simply call us today on 020 7436 3936. Alternatively, you can also arrange an appointment via our contact form.

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