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Dear Shenaz, your 14-year-old-looking client wants to thank you SOOO much for fitting me in at such short notice, It was so good to meet you and to get to know what miracles you can perform!

" My treatment at the Face and Body Clinic was nothing short of exceptional. After the Hialurox cold laser system, the Revital treatment and Light refinement my face and I emerged looking, and feeling, smoother, softer and, to be honest, younger than before... and all this in four sessions. Shenaz is a joy to be with, a professional to her fingertips; the Synake cream she supplies will continue to iron out wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. I recommend the Clinic without hesitation."

Until we meet again, my sincerest thanks and very warmest good wishes, dear Shenaz.

With kind regards, Joanna Lumley.

I found Shenaz Sheriff in 2000 when she was at the Hale Clinic. A piece in the Evening Standard had described the benefits of the Revital facial and was endorsed by Joan Collins. At that time I was 47 and my skin was pasty and saggy after many stressful years of self employment and personal problems. Added to that I had acne scarring from a late onset bout of acne in my mid to late 20s. I looked more like 57!

The first Revital was quite a shock. I had been used to pampering facials using cleansing and creams. The Revital was tight and became even tighter as time went on. However when it came off I could see that the discomfort had been worthwhile. My skin was tighter and looked more alive.

Nearly 6 years on I am still a client of Shenaz's and will stay one. She has used a variety of treatments to get my skin into really good shape.

The acne scarring was dealt with using a combination of Alkaline and Oxypeel which gently removed layers of dead skin and oxygenated new layers. I interspersed these treatments with Revital to improve the tightness of the skin.

After about 3 courses of treatment, I looked very different. My face had better definition, the scarring was much reduced and my skin looked younger and tighter.

Then Shenaz introduced the anti ageing light refinement treatment which is fabulous. The light not only improves the quality of the skin, slowing down the ageing process, but you get a great feeling of well being generally. I have come for a treatment feeling full of cold and left feeling much better, and had a facial in the process!

Now at 52 I think that thanks to Shenaz, my skin continues to improve in radiance and texture.

I have 4 light refinements followed by 4 alkaline and revital combined and for me this is a winning combination. I am really grateful for Shenaz's skill in working out what is best for the skin at any one time, and for keeping my skin looking so good.

The Light Refinement Facial was so fantastic that I had to come back for more. The regeneration of my skin was very noticeable.

Shenaz not only has healing hands but a healing personality.

I love going in to see Shenaz, its like a restful oasis in the middle of central London. Her treatments keep me looking amazing.

Thankyou for making me look even more beautiful!

Shenaz Shariff is incredible. I loved this facial. The results were immediate. I thoroughly recommend a course to anyone!

Shenaz has an amazingly calm approach and relaxes you even before you get to the treatments. She is not vague when giving advice and really knows and believes in what she does.

The Light Refinement is the most relaxing treatments I have had, it left me with an immediate glow and made me feel great!

Thankyou so much for the facial, it was a lovely treat, my skin is very happy!

Shenaz is incredibly innovative, brilliant and effective. I particularly like her treatments because they are non-invasive and I have absolute trust in her.

It's a lovely environment to come into and I always look forward to seeing Shenaz and her team.

Polly Vernon - OM Magazine

Erayser is the best permanent hair removal treatment I've tried. It is totally pain free The only thing I felt was the coolness of the probe and six months on, the area is still far less densely populated with hairs.

Helen Brown - Style Magazine

The Bergman at the Face and Body Clinic is the Bentley of Facials that definitely has the " mmm…." Factor along with a mini-facelift effect.

Kate Riordan - Time Out

I left the Face and Body Clinic feeling relaxed with a renewed sense of energy and my face glowed for the rest of the day. The perfect treat!

Emma Van Hinsberg - Natural Health and Beauty

After just one session my face felt instantly tighter and looked glowing. I will definitely be back for more - it's amazing!

Lucy Cave - Heat Magazine

The Face and Body Clinic offers innovative skin salvaging solutions for a host of problems from acne to cellulite. Shenaz Shariff is a true professional offering expert advise and excellent care.

Olivia Falcon - Tatler

Revitale is a wonder for my skin and I am very thankful to Shenaz for introducing the other natural but powerful treatments available in the clinic.

I feel at home when I have the treatments and the genuine smile she welcomes you with is the trademark that differs Shenaz and her team from the others.

And, I am a lifetime client wherever you are.

Aysegul Ekinci - Journalist, UK Representative for Kanal D News

An increasing number of people use light therapy to stop the ageing clock. The Face and Body Clinic offers an anti-wrinkle light treatment…It's a non-invasive alternative to Botox or a facelift.

Clare Garner - The Express

Patients love Shenaz's no nonsense approach and instant results. Makeup guru Ruby Hammer swears by her service.

If you want glow, treat yourself to a Cosmolight session with Shenaz Shariff, beauty therapist to the likes of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Was it worth it? Absolutely. My skin glowed and it felt thoroughly cleansed – and still does.

Eileen Leahy - Express Hot Stars

Erayser can remove hair from any part of your body. First there is the location – Harley Street is the place to go for medical beauty treatments. Secondly, therapist Shenaz Shariff, with her years of experience gives top notch service.

Catherine de Picarda - New! Magazine

Shenaz Shariff is an inspiration to the world of beauty. As a long-standing client, I've enjoyed many treatments, including more recently Erayser which is a life changing experience!

From my perspective no other clinic could match the dedication and professionalism of Shenaz and her team.

As a male dancer and teacher in the wrong side of 40 I noticed that if looking after my body was not a problem, the same could be said about my face. Unfortunately to carry on dancing you often have to compete with people who are half your age!

Plastic surgery is not necessarily the answer. You may want a less invasive approach and a more subtle result! This is exactly what I get through Shenaz's variety of treatments I tried and cannot get enough of it.

Wonderful treatments, amazing results, in a most friendly and relaxing atmosphere Many thanks to Shenaz and her great team!

The Face and Body Clinic is an excellent salon with friendly and competent staff and remarkable treatments both for the face and the body. The Light Refinement facials are the nearest treatment to cosmetic surgery without being invasive and the cellulite treatments will make anyone feel more confident on the beach. In addition the atmosphere, music and artwork create a refuge from the rat-race…especially recommended for the busy business people.

I was inroduced to your clinic by a friend a year and a half ago and since then, I became a true follower. Your unique, well tested and carefully selected treatments really work. I have achieved excellent results with your facials and body treatments. Your Bergman facial is not only good for the face but also to the soul. In my hectic life, regular visits to your clinic are the only times when I find total relaxation. I am sure many women and men visiting your clinic share my views. Thanks for everything, keep up the excellent work. I for one need you.

The Face and Body Clinic is a very relaxed and friendly environment to come into. The staff are very professional and my treatment was tailor-made to my needs. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend them.

"I absolutely loved the Hialurox facial, it was so relaxing and I felt amazing afterwards. I could see an immediate difference in my skin, my face was smoother and looked younger. I met my friends after and they all commented on how youthful I looked!"

"I adore Defy Time face cream, it is absolutely brilliant! I have tried so many products over the years but this is a definite winner I feel like I have discovered a miracle!"

- Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

You hear so many claims of treatments being able to banish and reduce wrinkles so I can't tell you how delighted I was to come across a treatment that actually works! The Hialurox facial that is offered by Shenaz at The Face and Body Clinic is fantastic. After just one treatment I noticed a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and mouth. What makes this facial extra special is that it is completely relaxing which means you can lie back and put yourself in Shenaz's hands safe in the knowledge that what she is doing really will work!

- Tamzin Outhwaite, Actress

This is such a fantastic treatment. I first came to Shenaz as I have always been self conscious about my stretchmarks and stubborn fat on my arms, so much so that sleeveless tops didn’t feature in my wardrobe even in Saharan temperatures! When Shenaz recommended Dyna Shape, a non invasive treatment with no down time and visible results after the first session I was sceptical. Nonetheless I gave it a go.

The results are spectacular, I am so pleased and it has given me the self confidence to wear the clothes I have always wanted without feeling the need to cover up. Moreover, Shenaz and her team's expertise and sheer personal commitment towards achieving the desired results are second to none. It has made such a difference to me, I can't thank Shenaz enough.

- Sonia Shields

I would recommend Shenaz's warm and smooth personality to anyone and the Rejuvalite treatment is BRILLIANT.

- Miranda Richardson, stage, film and TV actress

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