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The Face and Body Clinic | Shenaz Shariff | Natural and Non-Surgical Skin Clinic
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57 Harley Street,
London W1G 8QS

020 7436 3936

A better, more confident you - without surgery

From time to time, we all have issues about the way we look, whether it's our skin, hair or body.

Sometimes a change to our daily beauty regime can make a difference. But if it doesn't, an ongoing problem can easily end up affecting our self-confidence and self-esteem.

It's not surprising then that people turn to surgery and other invasive treatments in a bid to address their body issues.

Stop! Surgery is not the answer for the vast majority of beauty related problems. And here's how I can help.

The advantages of non-invasive treatments

I'm Shenaz Shariff, founder of The Face and Body Clinic.

For over 20 years I've helped thousands of people resolve their skin and body issues through natural, non-surgical, non-invasive methods. Today, I'm one of the world's leading authorities on aesthetic treatments.

Want to know more? Get in touch to book a complimentary consultation.

Or order our free guide Feeling comfortable in your own skin: An introduction to the remarkable effectiveness of non-invasive beauty enhancing treatments.

Inside, I explore the many advantages to non-invasive procedures, what these pioneering treatments involve and the remarkable results you can expect to enjoy.

Some of the topics covered include:


The Face and Body ClinicWhy surgery isn't always the answer


The Face and Body ClinicWhy hair removal can be pain free

The Face and Body ClinicHow light therapy can revitalise your skin


The Face and Body ClinicEffective weight/inch loss treatments

The Face and Body ClinicThe secrets to hair restoration




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Feeling comfortable in your own skin:
An introduction to the remarkable effectiveness of non-invasive beauty enhancing treatments







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